First Things First

My name is Rebecca and I love to paint nails. I have been painting my nails for forever, but a year ago I started to take an interest in painting nails. The first time I did a design is when my mom asked me to do her nails. She showed me a picture of what she wanted and I tried my best to duplicate. My mom told me they looked great, however, she is my mother and as a mother she tells me everything I do is great (except for my singing). I began to do her nails regularly and still do. I am getting pretty good (I think). I get my inspirations from watching videos on Facebook and Youtube or I look at pictures from Pinterest.

I practice nail designs on a nail design template I printed off of this site  and slipped into a plastic page protector. When I have painted a design I like, I use tape to pick up the polish and put it on a piece of paper. Then, when I am painting someone’s nails, I ask them if they want me to do a design and show them the page. I recommend doing this if you want practice but have run out of finger nails or toe nails to practice on.

My love for painting nails and wanting to show the world has brought me here. I am wishing that you can find my nail polish blog to be helpful and fun.


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